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  • How to improve road savety?

    To improve road safety, there should be more severe punishments for drivers who break the rules. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    There are different opinions in regard to the question of whether courts should be stricter towards motorists who do not obey the law. Some people argue that this approach is ineffective in decreasing the rate of car accidents and protecting pedestrians from injuries. This essay will put forward the notion that the imposition of harsh penalties on disruptive drivers will put forward the notion road safety. An analysis of the influence of this measure on both recently qualified and experienced road users will prove the above-mentioned position.

    The main reason why making traffic penalties more severe can improve the situation is that inexperienced motorists would realize that they should hone their driving skills as much as possible. In particular, people would learn more about certain ways of mastering unexpected traffic situations. In fact, some learners neglect to gain this knowledge because they think that a relatively small fine is the worst consequence in the case of rules violation. If punishments were harsher, unskilled drivers would understand that they should prepare diligently for real-life scenarios.

    Another reason why the strict enforcement of traffic laws can have a positive effect on everyone’s safety is that people would be eminently motivated to drive carefully. An emphasis should be placed on violations such as speeding and drunk driving. As a result, motorists would understand that there is a huge difference between what a person can do, wants to do, and is permitted to do as a driver. A good illustration of this is that the rate of road accidents in Moscow has decreased significantly since a recent increase in traffic fines.

    In conclusion, I am inclined to believe that punishments for disobedient drivers should be made more severe in order to decrease the number of casualties in road accidents. This change would force motorists to master necessary skills or change their driving habits. After analyzing the subject, it has become quite evident that governments should implement the above-mentioned method in the immediate future in order to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

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