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We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in businesses, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits?

Over the past quarter century, advances in technology have done much to change the way we work, relax, and communicate. Most people are happy to shift their duties and responsibilities on the behalf of computers. Others, however, are conscious of negative consequences of technological breakthrough, considering computers a bad substitution for human work. In this assay I will analyse positive and negative sides of technology interference into our lives.

It is currently obvious that that the lives of the most people in our world depend on computers. First of all, with the help of artificial intelligence mathematical calculations and various engineering drawings are done with a top speed. What took months of work in the pre-computer era is done in a couple of minutes nowadays. Moreover, as a result of the automation of work less manual power is needed. Another advantage of the computerization is that the electronic memory has enormous capacity and is able to store millions of figures, books and documents, and searching process is becoming much easier.

However, the usage of computer facilities has also its shortcomings. It is essential to understand that electronics can save, storage, and revise the information. But a person is always required to control all these operations. I am inclined to believe that no artificial intelligence can challenge human brain. Furthermore, there are such spheres of live, where no success can be achieved with the help of computers only. Those are areas that deal with feelings, talents, and communication. Its is clear that no work of art can be created by a machine. Furthermore, emotions can only be received through face-to-face dialogue by using body language, facial expressions, and speech intonations, which means that computers can not completely take the place of a person in such areas as teaching and journalism.

All the things considers, it can be stated that even though the computers assist us a lot in our daily life, providing invaluable help in dealing with counting and measuring work, we should beware of impersonalisation of communication. It is essential to control technology, and not to allow it to control our lives.

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