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Nowadays the mobile phone forms an important part of our everyday lives. In fact it has virtually become a necessity for people everywhere. Indeed, if we go back twenty years or so, it is used to be very difficult to reach somebody by means of the traditional phone when you needed to. This was because it was not portable so you could only contact friends or colleagues when they were at home or in the office. Since the arrival of mobile phones, this problem has disappeared altogether.

The main benefit of mobile phones is that they enable us to make contact much faster and more efficiently. Mobile phones have made it very simple to get in touch with people even when they are in very remote parts of the world. For example, in the past when I called my friend in Afghanistan most of the time he was not in the city or he was in places where he had no access to a telephone. By using my mobile phone, I now can reach him at any time in any location. However, there are some drawbacks connected with mobile phones. They have been linked to health problem such as tiredness, head-aches and loss of concentration. A further disadvantage is the lack of privacy. When we use a mobile phone in a public place someone may be listening to us. Finally, mobile phones can be costly both to buy and maintain.

On balance, however, I feel that the advantages of owing a mobile phone outweigh the disadvantages. It is necessity for a modern day living because it makes our lives easier and more confident.

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