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It is true that, in most parts of the world, women now play a very different role than they did a century ago. One illustration of this is the increased number of women in the workplace, which has risen dramatically. Whereas the role of a female was previously mother and homemaker, women now often work in areas like medicine, business management and higher education, which would have been possible 100 years ago. Another example of changing role of women is their financial independence. In the past women would have to rely on their husbands to provide money for personal items such as clothing and cosmetics, but now they are generally able to purchase these things with their own money.

I believe that the main reason for this change is education. More women now study at degree level than ever before, and they are often better students than men, as can be demonstrated by their higher grades and superior study skills. Another reason for women’s emancipation is that they have proved they could do traditionally male jobs during World War II, for instance manufacture of weapons, farming and operating heavy machinery, while the men were away at war.

In my opinion, these changes are a positive development. If one considers the endless washing, cooking and child-minding which made up the life of typical women in the 19-th century, one feels fortunate, as a female, to have been born in modern times. It is true that complete equality is still a things of the future, however, a women in today’s society has more opportunity to fulfil herself than ever before.

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