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A new shopping centre is going to open in your town. At present, nobody knows what kind of shops or facilities are going to be provided for customers. What shops and facilities would you like to see made available to the shopping public?

In fact, for many people shopping means not only buying products and services from retailers, but often it is considered as a leisure activity as well as an economic one.

As a general rule, in small towns there are particular shops, such as grocery stores and hardware stores, where people can purchase many of the goods they need. But customers need to visit numerous stores to complete daily shopping. In my opinion, a new shopping centre, which is going to open this year, will change the situation completely.

I would like to see in the new shopping centre stores, which could sell different types of goods, for example clothes and shoes, furniture and electronic appliances. Next, it would be great if there would be some cafes and restaurants or, may be, some sort of food court where people could eat and relax while they are doing the shopping. I also think, that new cinema could become one of the greatest advantage of the new shopping centre for many customers. I hope that the management will organize good parking for customers, because many people nowadays have cars and prefer go shopping by car. So, in my opinion, having good parking places is essential for any modern shopping centre. Last, but not least, what I would like to see in the new shopping centre are a travel agency, which could offer different types off tours for customers, and a ticket office.

Taking these points into consideration, I would say that the new shopping centre could have a big beneficial impact on our town life and it could become not only a conventional shopping mall, but a real lifestyle centre.

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