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Governments spend millions of dollars each year on their space programmes. Most recently, Mars is the focus of scientists’ attention. Some people think this money would be better spent on dealing with problems closer to home. Do you agree or disagree?

There is always to be a discussion about the amount of money that is spent on space exploration. It is a fact that modern scientist space research may provide information that is useful for people on the Earth. However, some people believe this huge amount of money could have been used better to take care of our own planet, to develop new medicines, for example, instead of wasting it on exploring space and other planets.

Personally, I think that space programs are very important for human beings today and in the future. Firstly, the vast majority of meteorological data comes from satellite-based monitoring equipment, so scientists can predict bad weather, typhoons and hurricanes; therefore people can save their lives whereas in the past we could lose thousands of lives to these storms. Secondly, space programs create a lot of important new technologies to advance economy. For example, nowadays we can use satellite communication system and very useful navigation system in the most remote places. Many other convenient things such as cordless tools or solar panels were developed in context of space programs. Space exploration can also serve as a stimulus for children to enter the fields of science and engineering. Thirdly, exploration of space in an international context offers a peaceful cooperation between developed countries. This international cooperation is also a way to reduce costs. Last, but not least, space exploration will eventually allow us to establish a human civilisation on another world as a hedge against the type of catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the reality is that space program has done a lot to save the Earth, save lives, and bring us together through closer communication. The space exploration has shown us on example of how to solve seemingly impossible problems. We should use this example to help us solve other difficult problems like world hunger or weather disasters.

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