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Parents bring up their children in many different ways. Actually some adults believe that they can smack their children if they behave badly whereas other parents are completely against any corporal punishment. In my opinion the question: “Is smacking good or bad for children” is rather controversial.

Parents, who smack their children, often claim that they do it because little pain can teach much faster that words. It is like touching a hot iron or oven – a child may not follow his parents’ advice until he touches it himself. The parents also say that they smack the children for love, not for anger because they want their children respect them. On the other hand many people believe that corporal punishment cannot teach children to respect their parents at all. Moreover, it teaches them fear and violence. Children might become aggressive and realize that the only way to solve any problem is strength and violence. Consequently, they can behave badly at school and treat badly their classmates. Furthermore, these children can be easily involved into criminal activity and, when they become adult, abuse their own spouse and children.

To sum up, I would like to say that despite the fact that some corporal punishment could be justified, for example, when a baby tries to do something wrong that could hurt him or highly risky for him, some smacking would prevent danger, in general, spanking should be avoided as much as possible.

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