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In your opinion should government intervene in the rights of the individual with regard to family planning?

Today there are many countries which face with a problem of overpopulation. On the other hand there are nations with low fertility. In this essay I will discuss why and when the authorities should control family planning.

First of all, I believe that the government has to adjust fertility in line with the demographic situation in the country. For example, since 1970 China has been having a one child per family policy. This policy allows to solve the problem of overpopulation of China. Otherwise China would inevitably meet with poverty, starvation and unemployment. As a result, China has the most educated and the healthiest generation of young people in all its history.

Secondly, there are societies with low level fertility. In other words, it is when the rate of mortality is higher than the one of fertility. As a result, population will gradually decline and it can lead to the problem of national safety. In this case, the authorities have to encourage families to have more than one child. For instance, in some countries families get money from the government for the birth of a second child. This policy allows to increase fertility rates and decrease the percentage of the old people. As a result, society will have more working people and will become more economically developed.

However, some scientists claim that humanity can meet with an issue which hadn’t exist before. For example, one child per family policy may lead to the situation when a child doesn’t have any siblings. Moreover, a grandchild may not have any uncles or aunts. The families with one child are risky for society in case of a natural disaster or war.

In conclusion, in my opinion every country has to have its own family planning policy. This is a basis for a strong and healthy society and will resolve many social problems.

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