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Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. Others choose not to make any plans at all for their free time. Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans. Which do you prefer - planning or not planning for your leisure time? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

Nowadays people have so many things to do that they almost always do not have enough time for it. When we go to bed we carefully think and plan our next day and it continues day in and day out. We wake up, recollect our checklist with things to do and in a few minutes we are already in a car on our way to the office. Often people do not have time for themselves. So, when people have some spare time they want to use it wisely. Some people  plan activities for their free time very carefully while others  do not  make any plans. In this essay I will analyze both cases and present my view in favour of planning free-time activities.

Actually, many people do not make  plans and just let the time pass by for some time because they think it has some benefits. First of all, a person can just relax, enjoy the beautiful moments, spend his or her time with loved ones, watch a movie, listen to relaxing music, observe the flowers in bloom from the window, contemplate about his or her life and just slow down the pace of life. I think it is a very good way to eliminate stress and tension and just leave all troubles and worries behind.

On the other hand, careful planning can bring many benefits too. First of all, one can travel. However, travelling requires some planning to be made. For example, one most likely will need a hotel room. So, the reservation should be made beforehand. Also, it is wise to check one’s car to avoid breakdowns and have an uninterrupted worry-free trip. Secondly, planning one’s activities allows spending one’s free time the way he/she likes. For instance, if I want to play tennis on incoming weekend I will certainly make a reservation for a court because in this case I will not be disappointed with the waste of my time. Personally, I prefer to make plans for my free time because it allows me to spend my vacation or weekends the way I want.

To sum up, I think careful planning allows people to derive maximum benefits from their free time. However, I must confess sometimes I allow my self just to stay at home with my friends and family and not make any plans.

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