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Every day traffic seems to get worse on our roads. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads today? What alternatives can we offer car drivers?

Cities today are overfull with different kinds of transport. This results in a bunch of special problems. One of them is a traffic problem. Are we able to solve it and introduce some alternatives to car owners? Of course, we are. This will be proven by the following analysis of the case.

Firstly, changes should be made in road infrastructure overall. This means that existing roads should be widened and new roads should be built with perspective to widen in future. For example, on a wider road there would be less traffic, thus the possibility of road traffic accidents would be less likely to occur. This example shows that instead of traditional ways of reducing the amount of traffic we could introduce some other less obvious solutions.

Secondly, an important factor is the location of business centres and industries. Take such big city as Sidney, for instance. There are several districts. Each one has its own administrative and business facilities. Thus, the vast majority of working people does not need to travel by cars to and from their working places every work day. Hence, no traffic troubles can be foreseen.

After analysing the areas of traffic problem, it can be concluded that to be effective the solutions should be of a non-standard approach. We are able to reduce the number of vehicles in some way but it is unlikely to be effective if car owners do not change their own attitude to cars. To encourage this society should also be able to offer some reasonable alternatives to car drivers. This could be increasing of efficiency in public transport functioning as well as creating lanes for cyclists. All of these measures together can positively change our everyday life.

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