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Young children should stay in Kindergarten or nursery schools so that their mothers can return to work earlier. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

As a matter of fact, maternity becomes less and less significant in busy modern society. Young mothers hurry to get back into their work life in order to feel themselves as active members of business world. I reckon that governments should support them by providing low cost day nurseries.

On the one hand, there are groups of people who believe that women’s only definition is to give birth and nurse children. However, I know a lot of young mothers who felt abandoned and disappointed with their lives after about two or three years of staying home and taking care of their infants. For instance, statistics proves that the number of suicides among women of this group is devastating.

On the other hand, some mass media support the opinion that business women who let their babies stay at Kindergartens have opportunities to recover faster and also to avoid the postnatal depression. They would not have a chance to neglect their appearance because they will have to go to work daily. This means that they would have to stay attractive and interesting for their partners. Besides, such mothers would not also experience their brain activity decline and would stay active just as prior to their pregnancy. All these facts usually have significant positive effect on marriages. They help young partners stay interested in each other and proceed in building a healthy relationship.

To recapitulate, I should state that in terms of society’s welfare the idea of nursery schools should be widely supported. Young mothers should not be deprived of their chance of successful business career and opportunities to build healthy relationships with their partners.

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