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Being a celebrity - such as famous film star or sports personality - brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

Almost everyone dreams about being a celebrity nowadays. TV and newspapers portrait their lives in a positive light. However, a public life might be harder that than it seems to be.

The mass media show lives of popular musicians and actors as very shiny and delightful. It is no surprise that allegedly easy life of famous people is extremely inviting for all of us. First of all, they can afford to buy better houses, very expensive cars and perfect clothes. In addition, being popular means having a big number of fans over the world. Many people adore celebrities and would like to be like them. As a result, famous people may have strong influence on their fans. Finally, being popular means that you will probably be remembered by millions of people in the world even after your death and set trends in many areas of life.

So, is it all that perfect to be a celebrity? Well, some people would rather disagree. Rather, celebrities often mention a number of negative sides of being widely known. Though rich and famous people are always showed by TV as the ones who enjoy happy life, living that way may be incredible difficult and tiring. For example, popular musicians have to travel during their tours almost every day. Secondly, it appears that popular people do not have any private life. They are always followed by paparazzi. Eventually, it may lead to very tragic results, for instance, the death of Princess Diana which was probably caused by paparazzi chasing her. Finally, famous people, especially musicians, easily succumb to drugs.

In my opinion, being a celebrity is a quite hard work. Though it can make you allows you to be very rich, popular, and adorable, it can easily take away simplicity and calmness of your life. If I had a chance to become a celebrity, I would prefer to remain myself, have an ordinary work, a quiet life, and a united family.

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