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Fashion has negative effect on young people. Do you agree?

The recent survey of the ancient Egypt tables has shown that people were interested in fashion over three thousand years ago. For time being, fashion affects our life beginning from clothes and household items and finishing with the choice of a profession. Especially, fashion tendencies play a tremendous role for youth. Weather this vogue’s influence has positive or adverse effect is a frequent topic of discussions.

Proponents of fashion claim that definition "to be fashionable" is not limited dress and contemporary technological devices only. Healthy life style and necessity of high education are regarded to vogue also. These fashion tendencies embolden young people to keep themselves in a good physical condition, choosing right diet and doing regular exercises as well as devote their time and energy to study hard to be educated because it is fashionably.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks of vogue that cannot be underestimated. The social scientists prove that a question of first-rate importance for teenagers is being a part of a group. Young people often act under peer pressure, in particular, wearing determinate clothes or listening to a concrete music. In case young individual has no opportunity for being likewise others or having the same up-to-date gadget he or she may feel insecurity and lack of self-confident. Moreover, such unsatisfactory can even lead to committing a crime.

In addition, sometimes following fashion, young people choose an occupation they have not real aptitude to. Evidences demonstrate us a great number of lawyers and accountants nowadays which undergo from absence of job. Had these young people thought carefully couple years ago, they would not have been disappointed today.

To summarize all mentioned above, I personally think that reasonable following fashion trends has a positive influence on youth. However, the blind desire to be a fashionable person may cause losing individuality.

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