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Many young people today are too worried about the way they look and this causes them problems. Do you agree or not? What’s situation in your country?

Time out of mind people have paid their attention on outward appearance of themselves and others. Nobody would seriously argue that especially the youth cares of its image and often young people experience a great deal of the negative emotions as a consequence of their inappropriate look. To a large extent, I agree that corresponding to a certain ideal does play a tremendous role for youngsters.

The way an individual looks may mean his or her social status. In particular, a fashionable clothes or well-attended body implies success, financial achievements and independent from, for instance, some teenagers’ standpoint. Similarly, the good outward look facilitates growth of self-esteem and self-confident that can assist young people to succeed in life. In addition, it is utmost important for adolescents to be a part of a group. Has not a young person a desirable look like other peers he or she might suffer from feeling of inadequacy.

However, not without reason it is said, "Judge not of men and things at first sight". A part of youths fairly presumes that outward appearance is only the first impression they produce on the other people that is why these adolescents try being distinguishable through their skills or inner talent rather than through their outer look.

In Russia, young people have the same dreams, tasks, and intentions their contemporaries all around the world have. So, from my way of thinking, there is not, in fact, a crucial discrepancy concerning the importance of outward appearance between the Russian youth and the youth from other countries.

To summarize, it is a certainly true that the majority of youngsters are not indifferent when the matter regards their own outer look. Nevertheless, I personally consider that many adolescents prefer not to worry about what other people would think of their appearance.

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