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Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment?

Nowadays, thousands of comfortable buildings and houses are constructed, as a result sometimes people have to make choice of living in an apartment or living in a house. On the one hand, there are many advantages of living in a house, on the other hand some people want to live only in flat. To my mind, your own house is the greatest place to live, despite the fact, that houses are usually built outside the city and people spend more time going to work or shopping.

A major benefit of living in a house is that you have your own territory around your building. Moreover, you may use it in many different ways. Specifically, if you have children, you may construct a playground for them and look after your children. In addition, you won’t be afraid of some strangers, who often walk around storey buildings.

For another thing, in your own house you won’t be annoyed at noise of your neighbours, who may disturb you in an apartment. Furthermore, you can listen to music and watch TV as loudly as you want. However, in a flat you can do this only in a daytime. It is especially important for people, who study to play some instruments or just love watching TV loudly. Thus, if you don’t want to depend on your neighbours and other circumstances, live in a house is your choice.

Some people may argue that in big cities, apartments are more comfortable to live than houses, because you will spend much more time going to work or studying, and then more time cleaning up the mess. In my point of view, you can save this time, for example, going on a barbeque, gym, or swimming pool, due to the fact that they may be constructed in your house. Therefore, in your own house you may build many things, for which you must pay, if you live in an apartment.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, I am inclined to believe, that there are more advantages of living in a house compared with living in a flat. Thus, people who live in a house have more comfortable life, but sometimes spend too much time on daily routine.

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