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Some people believe that the best way to learn anything is learning "by doing". Others would rather learn through books and from teachers. Think of learning a language. Which way do you think is a better way to learn a language?

Studying a foreign language is a difficult process. It demands continuous strength and efforts to progress well and achieve significant results in the language education. There is an opinion that the preferable way of learning is "learning by doing". I would rather support another point of view, which claims that someone can get a better success by learning the language under supervision of specially educated person.

Firstly, studying a foreign language with the teacher have more advantages over self-education in conditions of learning by doing something or living in the place with unfamiliar phonetic surround. Indeed, the trainee can enjoy the process of communicating with native speakers while spending time in vacation or short business trip. Meanwhile a classic way of education remains a gold standard. During the class preparation, the trainee receives support from the teacher, may refer to him as much as he needs. During the preparation, the smallest nuances of the language may be explained, while self-studying process is often limited by the trainee’s self-perception of his progress and feedbacks received from his surround.

Secondly, the organized process of learning of language in the class system allows to students to deal with unfamiliar issues with less stress comparing with the persons involved in the process of learning of the language in real life conditions. Usually during their classes students communicate with pears and keep good self-esteem while speaking with the people of same level of language. When necessary, students can reapply to the teacher for explanation of unfamiliar words or refer to the audiotape several times. The other group of trainees often has a lack of communication with friendly orientated surround, which reduces the efficacy of learning.

From my personal expertise of studying a foreign language in "learning by doing" conditions, I could say that this is a very difficult and sometimes tricky way of education. Moreover, I should beware the people thinking that living in a foreign country and learning a language in everyday practice is an easy way of getting knowledge. It is extremely hard to learn the language of unfamiliar language group (and alphabet, accordingly) without appropriate training. Even "small routine things" like getting the right direction on the street or telephone conversation with a clerk may complicate someone’s life considerably. The things may become more complicated when someone make a wrong decision while working due to language misperception.

In conclusion, I’m deeply convinced that the best way of studying a foreign language is taking the regular class of language preparation. It gives to students more advantages, reduce stress of education, and prevents from unnecessary mistakes or misbehaviour in every day’s life.

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