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After the baby is born things will never be the same. People say that to expectant parents and they are right. Still people want children. Why?

They say that kids are lot of fun. Though not all people think about future changes in their life what can follow after birth of the child. Usually this event entails new questions and problems. Parents find out that they must look after the child, give full attention to him or her and cure child's diseases. They have to spend more money and have less time for themselves. Nevertheless, the majority wants to have children. So why do they want it?

There are many reasons to have a child. Someone wants to have a child with the beloved person. Another one wants to live traditionally with a spouse and children. Many people wish to have their living copy who will live with parents' genes and talents. Then they could pass their knowledge and experience to the child.

It is happened also that parents think the child could bring some hope for their planes, like to become a heir of their noble family or involve a marriage as a result of birth of the baby. Likewise, as religious people have to give birth of children because their religion require or encourage it.

Besides it is needed to mention about one simple reason. Many people just want to have a child without any explanation or rational intention. They want to love and cherish a child, raise, and educate him or her.

As we can see there is not a one reason or even primary one amid all of them. All people are different, so all of them want to have a child for widely different motivations.

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