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In the early 21 century many cities are being rapidly redeveloped. In this process the needs of special interest groups such as people with physical disabilities are sometimes taken into account. How can society improve conditions for people with physical disabilities?

Disabled people living in our cities daily face challenging and potentially difficult situations which society must consider. Despite the fact that modern society sometimes take into account disabled people's needs, there is much left to do in improving conditions for people with phisical disabilities.

One of the most effective ways in which life can be improved for disabled people is the provision of financial support. Some disabled people may have difficulties due to the cost of special equipment or care which they require. In my opinion, governments could offer assistance through a range of measures including tax deductions for equipment such as wheelchairs, or loan assistance for major purchases.

Employment is the next factor which must be considered. In order to provide disabled people with an equal opportunity to work and contribute to society in every possible field, governmentы could establish quotas for disabled workers in large state companies. Moreover, financial incentives such as tax rebates could be offered to private companies which hire disabled workers.

Finally, special needs of people with disabilities must be taken into account by organisation of public transport. Every bus or other vehicle should be equipped with convenient entrance for disabled people and special places inside for their equipment, for example, wheelchairs.

To sum up, I feel very strongly that conditions for people with disabilities can be improved in a number of ways, including providing financial support, equal employment opportunities, convenient public transport service. Through pursuit of these goals, society can ensure that life for the disabled become rewarding and fulfilling.

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