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How do you think society will be affected by the growth of telecommuting? Telecommuting: will it change the world?

Nowadays technologies took a huge part in our life. Especially telecommuting influences on a society and makes possible to work from any place in the world and be close to your work place at the same time. It is agreed that telecommuting will change the world and society will use all the best of its features. The possibilities to stay close with family in tandem with reducing time for commuting to regular work place will show this.

Firstly, the opportunity to be near your family and children is a fantastic. For example, you do not have to hire any person to sit with your children while you are working. As a result, you will not have to worry about the children and house where you live. It is clear that this feature of telecommuting is very convenient for any of us.

Secondly, with telecommuting you will save time for commuting to work. For example, you do not have to wake up early to be at the work in a correct time, you do not have to spend hours in traffic jams and simply you save money on gasoline. It is not surprise that more free time is obviously an advantage. From this it becomes quite evident that with telecommuting person will have more time for rest, sport, and other activities.

In conclusion, as it can be seen above, telecommuting will bring several advantages to our society. It is true that new technologies such as telecommuting will change the world and have positive influence on us. It is predicted that telecommuting will completely change a common office work.

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