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Nowadays, many countries have advanced science and new technologies. There are also many artists, such as painters and writers. In your opinion, what things can art tell us about life that science cannot? Give reasons and examples.

The contest between science and the arts seems to be everlasting. Through ages there have been a dispute about a role of the arts in human beings. Many people are inclined to downplay the impact of art and advocate the idea that only science and advanced technologies can make people’s life better. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the arts is an essential part of of our well-being and the most necessary factor for the development of mankind. I believe that the arts can convey certain sort of messages that science can never able to convey.

To begin with, science and the art represent different ways of the human cognition of the universe. Science tends to pay much attention to the natural order trying to obtain more facts about the world and, therefore, discover the nature of things. Meanwhile, the main aim of works is diametrically opposed. Not only do real artists sometimes give little importance to existing fundamental principles of the world but the very essence of every masterpiece is to create a new order of things. That is, the main objective for the art is to construct new meanings and thus to establish new ways for human spirit development.

Another major distinction is that while science and advanced technologies ultimately aim at individual’s comfort and material benefits, the arts can give people such thing as sense of unity and identity. The art is proved to be a way of passing ideas, concepts and beliefs between different countries, uniting people of various cultural backgrounds. Besides, it connects generation ensuring continuity of society evolution.

In conclusion, the science and the arts differ in many ways, but the most significant discrepancy is that science is objective and based on permanent natural order while the arts originate in the immanent creative impulse of human and aim at creating new meanings of existence.

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