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Some governments say how many children a family can have in their countries. They may control the number of children someone has through taxes. It is sometimes necessary and right for a government to control the populations in this way. Do you agree or disagree? Give the reasons for your answer.

Nowadays, the population of the world has reached more than 7 billion. In some countries the cities are overpopulated. For instance, China and India have more than 2.5 billion. The researchers tell us, in those countries population is rising faster than in other countries every day.

The government of China had decision to control amount of their citizens. They created the low, how many children people can have. Usually it is no more than one child in family. The family, which break the low is punished by a huge fine and the biggest taxes of 10 annual profits. On the other hand, the families, which have only one child can receive some benefits from the government.

I partially agree with this opinion, because many people in China live in poor conditions. In some cities and villages there are not enough places and conveniences for quality lives. The majority of children are not educated in the schools. Such situation can may lead the country to increase of crime rate. Most of the people are forced to leave the country looking for the better life.

However, I completely disagree with some methods, which the government uses for reaching their goals. For example, the sterilization and forced abortion. I consider it is a very strong measure. Moreover, I am absolutely sure that women must do it only voluntarily. It is a big responsibility, deprive a woman the chance to be a mother. In addition, after the forced sterilization or abortion woman may became depressed and get a mental disorder in some cases.

In conclusion, I would like to say, the government must do its job and control the population. For all that, the methods should not be so radical. The people should have the choice in their lives wherever they live - in China or another country.

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