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Nowadays many children are looked after by other people while their parents at work. Is it a good or bad thing?

Nowadays, as life becomes more expensive, more women choose career over family and social life is full of activities, it is quite common for both parents to work harder and devote less time for sitting with their own kids. Therefore, inviting paid professional or friendly baby-sitter becomes more widespread, raising a number of issues such as privacy and safety.

At first sight, baby-sitting helps to save time, and sometimes, money, while having one's children always looked after. The above-mentioned issues of safety and privacy appear more on a surface level and can be easily mitigated by hiring professional baby-sitters from well-known companies or by trusting your precious children to experienced relatives or friends.

On the other hand, more complicated issues can arise. For example, if a baby spends less time with his or her parents baby's attachment to the biological family can be affected. While it is not necessarily a bad thing and there are many examples of successful people who were brought up by relatives or even strangers, it is common knowledge that children develop more harmoniously if they spend more time with their own parents.

Nevertheless, early exposure of a child to different people can contribute to a more open personality, can help develop great deal of social intuition, and even may help to accidentally discover a talent, which parents might just neglect.

To summarize, while third party help with upbringing bears certain drawbacks, it is not something to avoid like plague, but rather another tool to be used with care and responsibility.

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