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Some say the world would be a better place with fewer languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is really amazing how sometimes people who live only several miles one from another cannot understand each other. Some people claim that it would significantly improve understanding if all people speak the same language. I, however, believe that the extinction of any language would not solve the problem of mutual understanding, but it would definitely damage the culture of the nation that speaks it.

There are a lot of evidence that the language and culture of a particular group of people are interconnected. If the language dies some part of the culture dies with it. It becomes no longer possible for people to read prose and poetry in the original language. Also, the wisdom that was preserved for centuries in idioms and collocations gets lost. Finally, nation often loses its identity as people start to associate themselves with their neighbours.

Some people, on the contrary, suggest that the loss of a part of the culture is a small price we have to pay to help people to understand each other better. I, however, think that misunderstanding between nations is not caused by the fact that they speak different languages, but rather by difference in their cultures, religions, and mentality. Knowing the language of other country can let us understand their culture and way of thinking better and as a result make us more tolerant towards each other.

To sum up, I believe that having fewer languages will not solve any problems. What it can do is deprive the world of some nations' cultural heritage. I think that we should try to preserve existing languages and try to resolve problems with misunderstanding by other means.

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