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It is certainly very understandable that today people, especially in big cities, have a very busy life. They work a lot, spend a lot of time commuting to and back from their works during rush hours or sticking in traffic jams on the city streets. Some of them also have to earn money topay for their children's education or look after their elderly parents. Consequently, people who lead such a busy and stressful lifestyle should also have good rest to exclude getting sick because of their lifestyle.

I must confess that my lifestyle is similsr to one, which many city citizens have. Actually, I try to relax and leave all troubles behind at least every weekend going to the cinema or just visiting a cafe or restaurant with my wife and friends. Moreover, I have two weeks holiday twice a year and usually I go somewhere from the city. One of such holidays I spent with my wife in Egypt in a big beautiful five-stars hotel "The Desert Rose". My wife and I began to plan our holiday in advance. First of all we surfed the Internet to find a hotel that had good reviews from its client and finally we choose one which was placed on the coast of the Red Sea. After that we booked a package holiday and a month later went to Egypt by plane. The crew made the flight comfortable, so, to my surprise, it turned out quite short. Than after landing we quickly passed passport control and customs and got our destination. We were lucky to get a room with amazing sea view and mountains. We spent most of the days on a fine sandy beach among palm trees sunbathing and swimming in the warm clear sea. We also liked doing snorkelling because there was a great number of beatiful exotic fish which we could see through incredibly clear water and even fed some fish up with breadcrumbs. We also had one-day trip on a glass-bottomed boat to see corals and underwater world, but the boat was swung so heavily that many people felt badly during that trip. Needless to say about a restaurant, which we ate at. The cuisine was very good and we were always offered a great variety of dishes, so everybody could choose something tasty for them. Furtermore, we drunk different beverages not only at the restaurant but also on the beach during the day. We had a good rest and when our holiday ended returned to the city. I remember, that travel till now and, in my opinion, visiting such places is a good rest for every person who likes sunbathing, swimming and travelling to exotic countries.

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