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In many countries, young people are finding it harder and harder to find permanent jobs. Why is this? What can be done to improve the situation?

The global financial crisis seems to have been finished. However, it is still not an easy task for young people to find a permanent position on job market. There are many causes for this situation. The main ones are believed to be the lack of experience and inappropriate education. In fact, these problems existed long time before the crisis also, but they have become more conspicuous these days. To tackle them, possible solution will be analysed for viability.

First of all, young unemployment situation closely linked to the fact that postgraduate students who are willing to start their career do not have enough experience. Take, for instance, any local newspaper one hardly can find a full-time and not temporary position where no previous experience is required. Thus, the organization of special working places on the campus might be one of the best solutions. Firstly, it would assist students in gaining required working skills. Secondly, it would economically support at university itself.

Yet another problem associated with difficulties in finding a job is inappropriateness of some educational programs. It is especially obvious in innovative scientific areas such as IT, biological engineering, medicine, no mention but a few. For example, one of my own experience happened several years ago when I just graduated from university. It was really hard to find the first job because most things which we were thought as software engineers have already obsoleted. Therefore, educational programs should be updated more frequently primarily in rapidly developing areas.

To conclude, there are probably more causes and solutions for above mentioned problem. Main ones are the experience absence among young professionals and out of date programs at universities. Both of them could be solved by educational process reorganization.

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