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Mass media is greatly contributing to the development of youth all over the world because of its easy accessibility. Some say that the influence of media on the day-to-day lives of these adolescents is more harmful than advantageous. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The increasing impact of mass media on the youngsters' daily lives has sparked a concern in society. While some people assert that the Internet, printed press and other media resources influence the young generation negatively, many others argue that there are plenty of benefits of these resources as well. This essay will put forward the notion that the benefits provided by modern mass media for teenagers overweigh drawbacks.

On the one hand, a huge volume of cruelty on the Internet, TV shows and newspapers leads to the unavoidable proliferation of violence among teens. Thus, the number of young criminals is increasing day by day. Another reason against easy access to the media resources is a sedentary life style which causes a number of health problems. Such illnesses as heart disease, excessive weight, obesity and high blood pressure are considered to be a result of a passive lifestyle. The arguments supporting detrimental effect of mass media on teenagers are therefore quite obvious.

On the other hand, numerous media resources provide uncountable opportunities to master individual skills for the young generation. Various educational programs, for instance National Geographic, offer special and general information in different spheres that helps youngsters to obtain new knowledges. Hence, adolescents become more competitive on the job market. The next benefit is vast communication opportunities. The Internet, Skype and other similar services are used broadly by teens to socialize with peers all over the world. Consequently, they significantly improve their communication skills.

It can be concluded that, both sides of argument have strong support. However, after analysing the subject, it is obvious that the benefits of permanent using the mass media by youngsters overweigh the negative effects.

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