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A friend's son is starting to learn English as a second languagenext semester. Your friend has asked you to offer some advice to his son about studying a foreign language.

Write a letter to your friend's son and make some suggestions based on your own experiences of learning a second language. Offer advice about the benefits of studying another language and some of the challenges or difficulties he might find. (Informal letter)


Dear Mike.

Your father told me good news that you had finished last semester very successfully, so congratulations to you. He also asked me to give some advice about studying a foreign language, because you are starting to learn English next semester.

First of all, you should buy a good dictionary if you haven't got it yet, because having a good dictionary is very useful for studying a foreign language and, in my opinion, it is not very expensive. Secondly, you shoul watch TV programs or listen to a radio broadcast in English at least one hour per week at first, so that new words and phrases and foreign spoken language will become more familiar to yoгю I also think, you should work out your own system how to learn new words. As for me, I used to write new words on special cards, which I carried in my pocket constantly and reviewed them on every good opportunity.  I can suggest too, that you would be more motivated to learn English if you had a penfriend from an English-speaking country. In addition, I need to say that English can be very useful and even essential for your future career.

I hope this helps you. Best wishes to you and your family.


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