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Dear Sir or Madam

I visited your museum last Saturday with a couple of friends of mine, who do not speak English very well, and who had their small child with them in a pushchair. I would like to tell you how enjoyable our visit was because of the help given to us by your staff.

When we arrived, there was a long queue at the entrance, but a member of staff saw that we had a small child with us and took us immediately to the front of the queue and into the museum. As we went round the museum, we asked members of staff various questions about the exhibits, and they explained everything very patiently and in a way that my friends could easily understand. They are clearly experienced in this sort of situation and very well trained.

Our visit was a great success and this is mainly because of your staff. I would be grateful if you could thank them on our behalf for treating us so well and helping to give us a memorable day.

Yours faithfully

Jack Daniels

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