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Dear Sir or Madam.

I am writing this letter to enquire about two week package holiday in Spain advertised yesterday in a local newspaper. I am planning my holiday next month and this ad seems rather interesting for me, so I would like to get some more detailed information about your offer.

Could you tell me which places you offer for tourists? I would like to have a rest on the seaside because I like sunbathing, swimming and scuba diving. I know that Spain has many popular sites with good opportunity for such kind of activities; however these places are often very busy because of their popularity. But I am looking for a place which is not very busy. I wonder if you could tell me what kind of accommodation you offer. I am a student so I am interested if you have any student discount for your package holiday and how much it costs in total. I would also like to know how tourists travel to the destination: via charter flight or use budget airlines.

Finally, if possible, could you forward me some booklets for this tour with detailed information about places, accommodation and available activities?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Olario

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