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Accept the invitation of your friend for the weekend, but you are not sure how to get there, what clothes to bring and you are worried they may have forgotten that you are vegetarian.

Dear Mark.

Greetings from St.-Petersburg!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Thanks very much for asking me to come and visit you in Prague. Unfortunately, I’m having a very important business trip, so I will not be able to stay with you for a week. However, I hope I will manage to finish all my work by the end of the week and come to you at the weekend.

As you know, I haven’t travelled to the Chez Republic before, so I thought I’d write and ask you a few questions.

I want to bring a present with me and I wondered what exactly would be appreciated. Perhaps you could let me know what your wife’s hobbies are and then I could make a decision based on one of them.

Also, can you write me what sort of clothes I should bring? I know it’s pretty warm where you live but do I need jumpers or coat? Is the weather windy or rainy or, may be, the evenings are cold?

Lastly, I hate to be a nuisance but I hope you remember that I am a vegetarian. I do eat fish and eggs and dairy products but I don’t eat red meat or chicken at all. Is that going to be a problem?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes


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